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We offering a chiller plant hire & rental solution for each need. Chilled water-based cooling systems are frequently used to air-condition large corporate event or multiple buildings.

Vardayani Chillers are highly energy efficient and are perfectly designed to work within extreme tropical weather conditions.

How does a chiller plant work?

The evaporator pumps pump chilled water out to the building through a water pipe loop to air handler units that use valves to vary the amount of chilled water to that unit's water coil to control the temperature of the air coming out of the unit. Thus added heat back into the water that goes back to the plant.

The return water from the building goes to the evaporator side of the chillers & they cool it back down, transferring the heat to the condenser side of the chillers, which is a separate water loop.

The condenser pumps pump the condenser water out to the cooling towers, which are outside. The water is pumped to the top of the tower & then rains down inside it.

There are big fans on the top of the tower that pulls air through the tower, thus across the raining water & blows it outside. This water pools up at the bottom of the tower & is sucked back into the building to run through the condenser side of the chillers again, thru removing the heat from the building.

    Key Features of Chilling Plant:
  • No need of operator
  • Automatically adjustable capacity as per heat load
  • Reliable and energy efficient compressors
  • totally skid mounted units with single and multiple refrigeration circuits
  • fully automatic units with remote operation and data logging facilities available
  • Party, Wedding, Reception, Trade Show, Decoration and Corporate events etc.

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